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After two months of staying at home indoors and seeing nothing but coronavirus news, it has been a relief recently to read about murders, Hong Kong's woes, and the first manned SpaceX launch. Oh, and a turtle smashed through a Georgia woman's windshield on the Harry S.Truman Parkway in Savannah. It is not known how the turtle was launched. It is pretty clear how SpaceX is launching.

Not that I'm thrilled about people getting killed, but the national press has been a bit of a one-note Johnny since COVID-19 hit, with just about every story about the virus, the politics around the virus, the impact of the virus.. it's as if the news had caught a virus itself, with each COVID-19 story multiplying and spreading around the world.

And it has to be said that the constant barrage of catastrophic pandemic news has been really depressing, as if isolation, social distancing, and face masks aren't depressing enough. And lets face it, all those cute articles with pictures of cats, or '24 Things That Will Make You Smile', and celebrities trying not to look too comfortable in their homes, have become part of the barrage that reminds us of the bizarre and distopic reality we've suffered these past few months.

I also haven't been thrilled by folks taking advantage of the pandemic. For example, designer face masks at $45 seems excessive to me. Some of the designs are clever, but at a time when so many people have lost their jobs, and everyone is struggling with income while taxes don't seem to be adjusting downward, well... it's just mean.

So news of a little murder and mayhem is a welcome break from the onslaught of virus news. Well, for everyone except the victims. If polled I expect they'd prefer not to have been murdered.

By the way the woman and her brother survived the flying turtle episode, although they reported her brother might have been decapitated by the airborne reptile is she hadn't slowed down. The turtle didn't make it.

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